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Electrical properties of high resistivity 6H–SiC

The influence of ambient temperature and applied electric field on the electrical properties of high resistivity (1–30 kΩ cm), semi-insulating (>100 kΩ cm), and insulating (10^11–10^12 Ω cm) single-crystal 6H–SiC is reported. Current–voltage (I–V) characteristics of lateral metal-semiconductor-metal test structures were measured in vacuum in a temperature range of 295–730 K and under moderate pulsed electric fields (0.5–80 kV/cm). It is shown that the resistivity of the undoped 6H–SiC varies strongly with the ambient temperature after a temperature/field function dominated by a factor containing the activation (ionization) energy of residual boron of 0.35 eV. The dominant activation energy of semi-insulating Vanadium-compensated material (6H–SiC:V) varies with the ambient temperature, increasing from 0 eV at 295–320 K to 0.8 eV at T⩾600 K. This result can explain the relatively low decrease of the resistivity of insulating 6H–SiC at very high ambient temperatures and its viability as a substrate for next-generation high temperature microwave integrated circuits based on large band gap semiconductors.


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