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Detail Application of Silicon Carbide

Because of SiC physical and electronic properties,silicon carbide based device are well suitable for short wavelength optoelectronic, high temperature, radiation resistant, and high-power/high-frequency electronic devices,compared with Si and GaAs based device.
Many researchers know the general SiC application:III-V Nitride Deposition;Optoelectronic Devices;High Power Devices;High Temperature Devices;High Frequency Power Devices.But few people knows detail applications, here we list some detail application and make some explanations:  
1.SiC substrate for X-ray monochromators:such as,using SiC's large d-spacing of about 15 A;
2.SiC substrate for high voltage devices;
3.SiC substrate for diamond film growth by microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition;
4.For silicon carbide p-n diode;
5.SiC substrate for optical window: such as for very short (< 100 fs) and intense (> 100 GW/cm2) laser pulses with a wavelength of 1300 nm. It should have a low absorption coefficient and a low two photon absorption coefficient for 1300 nm. 
6.SiC substrate for heat spreader: For example,the Silicon carbide crystal will be capillary bonded on a flat gain chip surface of VECSEL (Laser) to remove the generated pump heat. Therefore, the following properties are important:
1)Semi-insulating type required to prevent free carrier absorption of the laser light;

2) Double side polished are preferred;

3)Surface roughness:  < 2nm, so that the surface is enough flat for bonding;

7.SiC substrate for THz system application: Normally it require THz transparency

8.SiC substrate for epitaxial graphene on SiC:Graphene epitaxy on off axis substrate and on axis are both available, surface side on C-face or Si face are both available.

 9.SiC substrate for process development loke ginding, dicing and etc

10.SiC substrate for fast photo-electric switch

11.SiC substrate for heat sink: thermal conductivity and thermal expansion are concerned.

12.SiC substrate for laser: optical, surface and stranparence  are concerned.

13.SiC substrate for III-V epitaxy, normally off axis substrate are required.

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