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The Study of Thermal Oxidation on SiC Surface

The excellent characteristics expected from SiC properties have not been achieved yet, mainly due to inferior SiO2-SiC interface properties. Effects of wet-oxidation and anneal on thermally oxidized n-type MOS interface properties were systematically investigated for 4H-SiC. Thermal oxidation processes of growing a wet oxide then following with a wet reoxidation anneal produce an oxide with the high-quality interface states. The flat band shift indicated a positive value when using wet atmosphere. And also post-metallization annealing (PMA) has been an effective approach in reducing the effective oxide charge and decreasing the interface state density. Deep interface states and fixed oxide charges were also discussed. The effective fixed charges (Qeff) of 8 × 10^9 cm-2 and the total deep interface state density (Dit) of 11 × 10^12 [eV-1cm-2] had been achieved.


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