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Transmission of Silicon Carbide Wafer

Transparency of SiC wafer: 65-70% transparency at 1064 nm for semi insulating SiC at 330 um thick, n type SiC is lower transparent rate, and different polytype between 6H and 4H also affect the transparency.

If you use it as a transparent heat spreader and in the infrared emission microscopy method (IREM), rather than using SiC as a semiconductor, you should care for thermal conductivity. 


Question:What is requirement for specs on flatness tolerance, thickness tolerance, inclusions, and edge defect zone or others?

Answer: heat spreader need high thermal conductivity, however it also mentioned thickness tolerance, inclusions and others, if you want to know more, please enquire our tech department: victorchan@qualitymaterial.net


Transmission of 4H Silicon Carbide Wafer 

Transmission of Silicon Carbide Wafer