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The Electrodeposition of Ternary Alloys of Cadmium, Zinc and Tin

 Ternary alloys of cadmium, zinc and tin can be deposited from solutions containing the complex cyanides of cadmium and zinc, sodium stannate, sodium hydroxide and free sodium cyanide. Excellent resistance to corrosion is offered by plates high in tin. Almost without exception alloys containing even small contents of tin withstand salt spray better than non‐tin bearing deposits. Deposition of cadmium is favored over the deposition of tin and zinc. A comparatively large concentration of tin in the bath is required to produce an appreciable tin content in the deposit. An increase in the cadmium and tin concentrations in the bath produces an increase in their compositions in the plate. Increasing the zinc concentration in the bath decreases the content of that metal in the plate, at low current densities. At higher current densities zinc behaves similar to cadmium and tin. At 20° C. the tin and zinc contents of the deposit decrease while the cadmium content increases with increasing current density. At 2 amp./dm.2 the tin and zinc contents of the deposit increase while the cadmium content decreases with increasing temperature. At 0.5 amp./dm.2the zinc content of the deposit decreases with increasing temperature. The behavior of tin and cadmium do not change.


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