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Laser machining of GaN on diamond wafers


The commercialization of gallium-nitride microwave circuits on diamond substrates requires chip-dicing technology and via formation process compatible with standard semiconductor processes. This paper discusses issues related to dicing and drilling of GaN-on-diamond wafers for RF power transistor applications (die size < 1 mm2) using laser micromachining.

Research highlights

► Via formation and wafer scribing using laser machining of GaN-on-diamond wafers. ► Investigation of debris-free diamond wafer laser cutting. ► Laser machining of diamond in oxygen overpressure. ► Cleaving of laser-scribed GaN-on-diamond wafers into discrete AlGaN/GaN HEMT chips.



  • Gallium nitride on diamond
  • Laser machining
  • AlGaN/GaN high-electron mobility transistors
  • Via processing in diamond
  • Diamond wafer dicing




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